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Wait! What? Already eleven months in Estonia? Kuidas?! How can time go so fast!. So, if my project lenght is eleven months, and this is my eleventh month in Estonia, that means… this is my last entry :( 

But i still have to explain what i’ve done during the month of July. Let’s see how is another amazing summer month in Eesti. 

I´m writing this already in one of the most extrange July in my life. Why it´s so strange? It´s actually cold and rainy. It´s like March in Spain, but with that summer holidays atmosphere. So, if i’m writing this already in July (3rd) , that means three things: 

1- In one month i’ll be already flying to Spain

2- Pomegranate

3- June have just finished.

And that’s what i wanted to come to. This is my blog about June. 

June has been my favourite month in Estonia. If you want to know why, just keep reading this article

The time I have left here in Estonia is slipping through my fingers. June went by faster than I could even look, although the days I actually spent working in the youth centre can be counted on one hand (exactly 5; and next month is not gonna be any better).

Instead, I visited many camps, made some trips and had the chance to cross many things off of my to do list (most of which include water, since luckily most of the time it was very sunny and warm and summer-y) For example: I swam in the Baltic sea, I swam in Mustjõgi, I rope-swinged into the water in Valka, I jumped from the tower into the lake in Tõrva (even though not yet from the highest platform – but I'll hopefully still have a chance to overcome my fear and do the 10m tower also) and I wore a traditional Estonian folk dress.

WhatsApp Image 2019 06 02 at 16.06.59May is already gone. Will come back in around eleven months, but now we can just talk about him like we talk about people who is far but we now will meet again. May is, in some way, who i was in September when i arrived to Estonia. What kind of adventures or amazing histories will this eleven months bring to May? Will may be okay all this time? May-be.

I know I’m repeating myself here but I’ve said it before and I just have to say it again and again: How on earth can time pass so quickly? May is over, which leaves me with less than two months until the end of my project! :o

But what made the time pass so fast?
Well, the biggest adventure in this month was definitely my holiday in Spain where I visited my sister and spent some nice days in Barcelona. But besides that of course also some other things happened in my small world in the South of Estonia, for example a lot lot lot of face painting, Escape room, still renovating the new flat (where I’m unfortunately still not living :( ) and the Looduskool (a nature camp) in the end of May/beginning of June.

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