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I will finish my EVS in less than 3 months.I am going to finish my EVS in less than 3 months!WHAT?!

This sounds so unreal and a little scary, actually, especially because I am still not totally sure what to do afterwards. But there’s some time left, so I just try to avoid thinking about that. Which is quite easy since there is always something going on in Hargla – and April was no exception: My friends came to visit, the running event I’ve planned took place, my first time fishing, renovating my new flat and much more!

The Spring it´s exploding all it´s beautyness in all Estonia. For the first time since i´m here, the weather of Estonia and Spain have been quite similar, even sometimes warmer in Estonia! Some days it´s being able even to wear short clothes. But the reality came back at the end of the month bringing us cold and snow again. It melt just with the contact with the floor, but the thing is that it was falling snowflakes at the end of April. This is something i could expect from one of the Jupiter's moons, but not in Estonia. Suddenly, it feels like the days are very long (in hours of daylight). Also there´s a lot of birds i´ve never seen, and some others that i´ve seen before, but not as often as here, like the storks. It´s full of them on the fields, and sometimes on the sky. April has been full of things to do, maybe too many, because i´ve been in Ritsu and Tõrva only a few days, since i´d been working one week in Võru, another in Hargla, and some days i went to Norra (Norway) which was a country i fell in love with. But let´s start with the beginning of the month.

A couple of weeks ago i was going to buy food in one of the Torva supermarkets and i saw a toad on the street, between the few reminiscences of snow. I stared at him, while he stared at me and said «Don´t worry, the winter is over». He didn´t use words, but with his presence he was telling me that. «So i´ve survived to the winter, and i still conserve all my fingers!» I said to myself (Obviously not to the toad, because i don´t speak toadian). I have to say the winter wasn´t that bad as i read on the internet «The lack of sun will make you feel depressed» «It will be so cold that you´ll regret of your own existence» they said. The reality was much more liveable. But i have to say that i´m happy about the coming of the spring. Actually, even people looks more like humans now. During the winter they just put the auto mode to keep living, but now it´s like they have a soul again.

March was a month of change. Not only because spring arrived in Hargla and turned (almost) all the white into green (yay, finally! 😊), but also in the youth centre, as it was the first month with our new youth centre leader Madli.

Next to all the new stuff that happened, such as me starting to learn the piano (let’s see how this will work out, I’m not very skilled yet :D) doing a ‘spring festival’ and baking ‘Vastlakuklid’ (the Estonian equivalent to Austrian Faschingskrapfen basically), of course we and I also kept doing our usual things, like for example the creative club, game nights, etc.

The new year has just started and suddenly the first month is over already – how fast time can pass when you have something going on all the time. Also, I was counting the days, and it’s a strange feeling when you realize almost half of your EVS is done already... (actually, as of today (07.02.) I’ve been here for 161 days – and just 174 still to go)

But let’s not focus on the end just yet, instead let me tell you about all the interesting and fun things I did in January!

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