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Tere! My name is Gabriel Escobar Martín, and i´m a 22 years-old photographer from Murcia, a medium-sized city in the south-west of Spain (Medium-sized in Spain, in Estonia it would be a very big metropolis). I finished video and photography studies in February and i started to work in a regional newspaper. After some months working in something that i really like (taking pictures) i decided to do something else with my life so, now, I´m doing a EVS in Tõrva, working mainly in Ritsu Youth Room and in Tõrva noortekeskus -but also all around Valga County- with youngsters. How has been my experience after one month (and six days) in Estonia?


A couple of months ago, when i tell to my friends and family i was going to live eleven months in Estonia, they always asked two questions «Where is that?» and «Why?». I had a response for the first question, but not for the second one.

Hi! My name is Melina, I’m 18 years old and I’m from Austria.
I just finished school this year and decided to do a volunteering service abroad before starting to study. For one month I’ve been in Estonia now, working in the Taheva Youth Centre and living in the small village of Hargla. If you want to learn more about me and my first experiences here, keep reading! 😊

My September was…

S as in Short
E as in Estonian
P as in Priceless
T as in Tricky
E as in Eventful
M as in Memorable
B as in Bittersweet
E as in Educational
R as in Remarkable


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I remember the day when I arrived to Tõrva. In the same moment we cross the borderline of the town all the lights went off. When Nadja –my roommate- opened the door, the house was lightened with several candles. But instead of take that as a bad omen, I thought it was a beautiful way to welcome me to Estonia.

Next day I met Nina. We were supporting some youngsters who are trying to raise a company. -How amazing is it? - Of course we didn’t do much of supporting because we know nothing about business. Instead, we talked a lot and she answered me everything that my curiosity bring out. From that moment I knew she will be a great colleague. She is always smiling and her laugh spreads everybody. As you know, we are working together and she is also writing a blog like this, so go and find out if she also has some opinion about me.



The winter is dying. Many people says that no, that this is only a little spring-like feeling, but the winter will be back in March. I don t know, during the month of February, i´ve seen a healthy winter losing all it´s greatness. Now in Tõrva there´s only snow in the sides of the roads, and in those places where the sun doesn't reach. Everything is wet, and it´s quite dangerous walking anywhere (i felt down a couple of times). Even when February it´s always a short month, there´s many things happening. And i don´t mean only this year, but in general, February is a month full of stuff. But this year was more special, because i´m in Estonia. I mean, in Murcia i used to have a February full of things, but here i had a February full of things + snow. So, if you wanna know what kind of amazing adventures i´ve lived this month, keep reading this article.  


Five month in Estonia is a lot of time. If you could take all the time of these five months, i´m sure you´d need a very big recipient to contain it. A cold-proof recipient, otherwise all the time would freeze. I´m almost in the middle of the project, wich gives me contradictory thoughts: In one hand is like "Ohh, cool, i´ll be still the double of time i´ve been already!". On the other hand is like "Half of the time has already gone, time´s going so fast!". Hopefully, both of my thoughs are wrong: Time is what it is. It doesn´t understand about going fast or slow, just goes it´s way. 

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