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Already on Latvian land, waiting for meeting with Estonia!

I get off the plane, already on Latvian land which greeted me with a cool refreshing breeze after two hours of flight!

The first face besides the workers and tourists I met here was the smiling face of a very cheerful and friendly guy named Vallo, who  went to drive me to the city I'm gonna live in. We greeted each other, left the airport and passed through Riga, beautiful city that reminded me of certain Ukrainian cities. We headed to Valga, the city in Estonia that would become my home for the next 11 months ... my volunteer life had just begun! !

So after a few hours, I arrived to Oteppa camp, a beautiful place with smiling people. And the reason I went  there as I found out later- was because my apartment was not ready for living. People greeted me very kindly there, and in general there was a lot of attention, everything in my mind was (foggy?)... 

This month was truly what one could describe as a summer of youth. Sadly, that youth wasn't mine.

This month only saw me work at the youth center in Lüllamäe for only a number of days before it was time to pack my bag, regret not having a smaller bag (always a sign of a devious foreigner), and settle in for the wait for Malev to start. What followed was twoish weeks of non-stop teenagers and more rap music than I would normally hear in six months.

June marked the first time I fell somewhat seriously ill. Considering I work around children, it was inevitable.

So, this is the first month where I've had to properly contend with the concept of boredom at work. However, my quest to learn Estonian continues, as my tutor suggested I read the Little Prince in Estonian. I understood a gratifying amount, and I could follow the story well enough. Obviously it helps that this wasn't my first time reading the book. Luckily I didn't understand quite enough for the ending to tug too hard on my heart strings.

Let it never be said that one can be too comfortable in one's usual setting. That is hubris, and that way comeuppance lies.


So, this month I have worked two weeks in the Valga youth centre and twoish weeks at my usual haunt of Lüllemäe youth centre, and there have been some marked differences...



I have now been in Estonia for longer than I have known that I would be coming to Estonia. It has been something of an adjustment…

Moving from Finland to Estonia with two weeks to prepare turned out not to be that big of an issue, so I was already in good spirits about my sudden uprooting, but what I had not prepared myself for was how much the similarities between the two languages would serve to confuse me.


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