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March 1

Even though the March is three days longer than the month prior, it felt like less did happen. Probably because there were a lot days of staying at home.

The Month made a great entrance in Estonia in terms of the weather that came along. The fields of snow where melting and due to that the water levels kept rising. And because the government prohibited indoor activities with youngster we decided to go canoeing with the youngsters in Hargla.

IMG 20210304 154244

…those were the main points that influenced my daily life and also my emotions in march.

Tbh, it was no surprise for me to get into a lockdown, since my friends in Austria are spending their time at home for more than a year and I was wondering at which point Estonia would close everything. Of course, travelling might be harder now, but in March I did not only feel desperation but also hope. The first birds were singing and also the sun showed up more frequently - Time to discover the Estonian nature! And I felt the inner urge to carry on; to see more and do more. Yeah, maybe I was even slightly stressed because I realized that now half of my time in Estonia is over. Can you believe that? I personally feel like I did nothing the last months, but I think my view might be a bit clouded. Well, form yourself an opinion about that by checking out the other posts, - but now keep reading about what I’ve done in march…

152505693 176865650611825 9045616094676709542 nDid you notice that the titles of the previous "blogs" refer to a real-life book? if not, I recommend reading them again. The books are interesting and useful. And since March did not succeed as I wanted, instead of one book I will offer several at once ... although some books may not be books at all)

How to Stay Alive: The Ultimate Survival Guide for Any Situation (Edward Michael "Bear" Grylls)

So in March, we planned to make a thematic night in the Karula forest: the plan, games, venue, food, and even posters were ready to be published. and then the decision came - "Since March all establishments are closed for a temporary lockdown - no events, and only 1 on 1 meeting." Sad ... but now there is an idea to turn this theme party into the clusters.

WhatsApp_Image_2021-04-09_at_7.30.05_AM.jpegIt was a month of mixed cassette flavor because:

When I looked at it completely, it was a stable month. For Estonians, these rules are enough to think negatively and be hopeless even many countries have stricter quarantine rules than Estonia. This affected me a little bit negatively. Of course, however, I have brought some specific, noteworthy experiences for you. :)

158524205 272818470883555 4163937943850813421 nTo start this Blog of I will tell you a random fact. This February was considered a perfect month. The first day was a Monday, while the 28th of February was a Sunday. So it was easy to name the day after hearing the date. Unfortunately, not everything was great this month in Hargla, even though we had some important days to celebrate.

IMG 20210214 WA0010

… and grill yourself in a sauna, that’s what I did this month. Even though pandemic circumstances I had the chance to participate in several events related to Estonian holidays and to get to know more of the traditions 😊 (Spoiler alert: I consumed a lot of vastlakukkel 😂) Also I organized a little public event on my own (with Matviy): A treasure hunt. Well let’s say, next time we’ll do it better 😅. The execution process made me even cry. Why?

To make it clear, the planning drove me a bit mental, but the three tears I lost on the preparation were rather caused by the physical pain of loosing a glove while hiding treasures in the middle of the night, running somewhere in the nowhere through a dark park. Oh, and not unimportant to notice: Of course, it had a lot of snow and -17 degrees 🙄. Not optimal for my fingers lol.  Well, as you can see, I didn’t freeze them off, but all in all I really hope that it was more fun for the participants solving our weird riddles than for us preparing the stuff haha. But for the next time I don’t have to worry: The temperatures will be higher, for sure😅

156813113_2812368585641935_2824269630036865114_n.pngAs I was saying. A treasure hunt event was held in early February.

We had 8 towns, 35 bags of treasures, 1 month to work out, all kinds of maps and diagrams, a brain half-filled with everyday tasks, and a whole set of ​​ideas that had undergone changes and edits. Not that all this was absolutely necessary for the project, but if you have already begun to collect a collection, then you need to approach the matter seriously.

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