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Long time no see...

I disappeared a bit last month, so this blog will be longer than usual. So, every time is another challenge for me to understand how to start a new blog, for this reason I will just tell everything as it is with a lot of photos.


November is the month of new experiences (again)

I had an active comeback this month, games with kids in kindergarten and at school? hobby groups in the youth centre, cinema with estonian film and independent lessons, but about everything in order. 


Dance - something that always follows me

As I wrote in the previous blog, Madli, Jandra and I had a deal, that I would help in the youth centre, so starting from september I have a feeling which I call multipurpose volunteer, at which I cannot but rejoice, because I have different work every week, which does not let you get bored. For example, this month I started to conduct a new hobby group. First one as you know is the creativity club, so the second one is the dancing club. Pretty interesting experience, I feel a choreographer vibe. Now then, we have active rehearsals once a week, we are preparing for the New Year's concert😏 I want to confess, I was a little scared to conduct  this club, but I had a wonderful support group.

Actually, we didn't say goodbye to my Estonian family. More importantly, 20210905_180830.jpgwe opened champagne to celebrate something, that was our friendship. Cheers then, until next time, to our health..

Ülle's Birthday: Sirje's one of close friends, the dear Ülle. I normally have trouble remember birthday dates. But we visited her on 4th September to celebrate Ülle's birthday. Previously, together with Mattias, we prepared "sarma", the local dish of the Aegean region in Turkey. Its basic ingredients are bulgur, tomato paste, spices, grape leaves, and lemon. 

It will most likely be a very unusual blog from me. News and something special.


September came, so it means only one thing - a new school year. Honestly, I don’t know what I should write about, cause this month I had only a lot of work and a rare meeting with Matviy. With Gaia students we continued to learn english, the month’s theme was “Home”, so we played Kahoot and other games. Kids learnt how to create fun sentences and even built their own houses.

Bitmap image“Poetry and art do not explain the world, they depict it ... A good poem does not tell you how to improve the world; it itself is a piece of an improved world, and therefore there is no need for 'morality' "- Michael Ende.      Almost every book I read, if the chapters have titles, there will always be a match between the title and the chapter of the book. In this chapter, there is a place for creation and destruction, order and chaos, wealth and poverty. Usually, this chapter is the culmination... It's funny to see it in my blog also.

But I'll start in order ... which is known to consist of chaos.

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...before leaving Estonia – that’s what August was all about.  Haven’t done your projects yet or seen any national parks? Well, one month is surprisingly less time to do finish up your todo-list. But guess what, in the last meters I definitely sprinted to reach most of my goals…


Feet in hands and work - the motto of my August.

But let's not forget that volunteers are also people, so as it often happens, I sometimes turned on the burrito mode🌯 when I just wanted to wrap myself in a blanket and ...  actually that’s all.

Let's get started. The month began with the fact that I set myself the goal to solve all problems, finish all the tasks and spend my week off in Portugal with a calm soul, which later turned into a retreat from the phone in mornings(and work in the evenings, because only then i had an Internet). I can't say that it was planned, but I'm happy. 

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