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IMG_20210619_152158.jpgWe are in the months where time passes so fast and I don't want to get tired in the name of volunteering anymore...

Mid-term Meeting: Finally, we had face-to-face mid-term training. I think we were 12 volunteers in total, we had a great 2.5 days with our super fun trainers. In fact, it was great that education and simple volunteer training were not centralized. We just relaxed and had fun. We did a 12 km canoe trip that I don't even want to remember. Crazy,..


June is a month of comfort and new experience. The longer I stay in Estonia, the more I become attached to this country and people. 

Trip to Pärnu

To begin with, Pärnu was on my list a must see, since I am a sea lover, and of water in general. So when other volunteers offered me to go, I immediately said yes. Of course, then the original plan changed a bit and we went there not just to visit the city, but also with the intention of staying overnight, in tents, on the seashore, as they say, life is unpredictable.

1 minJune started for me with a little hangover. Vici celebrated her birthday on the last day of May and so I woke up the next morning a bit dehydrated and with a little headache. Even if I didn’t have the best start into the month, June became an activity packed month with the longest days I ever encountered. The first week was still a little bit slow paced and I was quite happy to again enjoy a normal week in the youth center. Already nearly the last one. The only downside to these days was the abnormal heatwave that conquered Estonia, with the thermometer reaching 35 degrees in our flat. But with the astonishing weather, low pandemic numbers and the longest day of the year approaching, big events started to come up daily.

210425944 5776649275740853 975385775542542835 n... and less time at home - my motto for June (which will probably be continued in July)

Not only by traveling around Estonia, but also work kept me from spending much time in Valga, because this month I did not only changend Youthcenter but also had my first "real life" - training and the first summer camp.

DSC 0167Does this happen with you: you sit like that, you get used to working, and then - once and all the work is turned upside down. and you're so - ok ...

Well, not exactly upside down, but this month the work has changed. I began to spend more time in the fresh air, and it, in turn, changes the perception of stuffiness and allows the brain to breathe.

May 6MAYbe this was the best month so far. The summer finally arrived in Estonia and not only for one week, but for the whole May. There where countless hours of sun and so many different activities, that I hope I don’t forget to name them all.

On the first days the Valgamaa volunteers gathered again and we visited one of the southernmost points of Estonia, Paganamaa. For this I again borrowed the car, because the bus connections to rural areas in Estonia are very unsatisfying. On this astonishing day in the nature we also made the decision to spend a night in the nature in the upcoming weeks, but more on this later. In Pagnanamaa we walk a small hiking trail that also includes a wooden observation tower (the Estonians just love them). Also did this trail lead us right next to the borer towards Latvia and even though it is not allowed to cross the border without some restrictions, we set our feet into the neighbor country because border patrols were obviously missing in the forest.

Breaking news: I haven't even been bitten by a dog this month, only mosquitoes. It’s succes


 While everything is quiet in the kindergarten, the children enjoy life, sometimes cry(which is quite natural) and eat a lot)) My work at Gaia is heating up. This month was devoted to the study of other countries, and thanks to our joint work with other volunteers, the children got acquainted with my native Ukraine and its culture(especially dancing made an impression on the children), Germany and its fairy tales, Portugal and its color(here again there was a delight from dancing with sticks). Kaisa, Mirko, Mikk, Lukas and Partel learned to cook national dishes and you can see from the photos that the process brought them great pleasure, and of course it is also nice to eat cooked food.

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