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The new year has just started and suddenly the first month is over already – how fast time can pass when you have something going on all the time. Also, I was counting the days, and it’s a strange feeling when you realize almost half of your EVS is done already... (actually, as of today (07.02.) I’ve been here for 161 days – and just 174 still to go)

But let’s not focus on the end just yet, instead let me tell you about all the interesting and fun things I did in January!

Five month in Estonia is a lot of time. If you could take all the time of these five months, i´m sure you´d need a very big recipient to contain it. A cold-proof recipient, otherwise all the time would freeze. I´m almost in the middle of the project, wich gives me contradictory thoughts: In one hand is like "Ohh, cool, i´ll be still the double of time i´ve been already!". On the other hand is like "Half of the time has already gone, time´s going so fast!". Hopefully, both of my thoughs are wrong: Time is what it is. It doesn´t understand about going fast or slow, just goes it´s way. 

So, that was it... The last month in 2018 and my fourth month in Estonia. Looking back, those four months went by so fast, they feel like a blur. If someone asked me, I couldn't even tell them if an event happened like in October or just a week ago. Good thing I have a calendar where I write that kind of stuff down, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to create the following list of things that happened in the last month. So, here you are - that was my December:

... D as in Different school day + Jõulumaa
... E as in Estonian folk dances
... C as in Ceramics and – of course – Christmas stuff
... E as in Enjoying time with my family
... M as in Movie night with pizza and pancakes
... B as in Board game evenings
... E as in End of the year
... R as in Resolutions, ideas and plans for 2019

In November the snow came to visit us sometimes, but in December it moved here definitely. Estonia has been white (at least in the south) and cold. I´ve discovered how is the experience to live a real winter. I also ended up in the middle of a desert, but i will talk about that further.


When October was over, immediately, another month know as November came to take his place. November has been an intense month, full of moments to remember. For example, when we went to McDonald´s to sleep. But i´ll talk about that further.

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