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October started on monday. For some reason, that has been something good for me, it was easy to know the day i was living. Every day i´ve been looking through the window, watching the trees losing all their leafs, and the grass covered by ice in the morning. The winter has come (At least, for me). There was even snow already. Snow in October (what!?, OMG!!). I will talk about that further.


39 mil pixelesFor the first time in my life, i can experience the real outumn. It´s beautiful. 

During the first day of October happened one of the best things of the month: My flatmate, Artemis, arrived. Before she came, i felt a bit lonely in the flat. But not anymore. 

20181025 220727h

One day we did Halloween Pumkins. It was our first ones. I´m so proud.

This month has been very entertaining, travelling to some cities (Valga/ Valka, Hargla, Kohtla Nõmme,Võru, Otepää) with friends -And also with the Estonian Defence League-. I´m also starting to undestand some words in estonian when somebody talks to me.

Valga / Valka

I´ve been already many times in the estonian Valga. It´s still strange to admit that a 12.452 inhabitants town like Valga already feels to me like some kind of New York because of all of the stores and facilities, at least, compared with Tõrva.

One Saturday, the other volunteers and me, we meet in Valga to have a wonderful day. For us, it was strange that there wasn´t any coffe open in the morning, so we had to go to Hesburguer (Actually, i really like it). When we tried to order a -not very healthy- breakfast, it was a bit difficult, because, according to the employee, we were the first persons, in the history of the human race, who order a breakfast in Valga Hesburguer. Finally, we could take something. Afterwards, we walked to Valka (The Latvian part of Valga). Not every day you cross an international frontier, so we took a picture.

cruzando a Letonia

In the photo (from left to right): Melina, me, Anna, Artemis and Katharina.  

When we entered to Latvia, we did it through a cementery. We were exploring an abandoned train, and visited a square with a huge Latvian flag. Then, we came back to Hesburguer to have a lunch. At the end of the journey, after visiting Valka, the sky was that beautiful.

atardecer en valga

Back in Tôrva, we saw a mole crossing dangerously the road, so we took it back to the forest. That was also our first mole. 

The next weekend, i came back to Valka with Melina and Selma, this time to explore their nice forests and a big lake whose water was so cold. We put our feets under the water, and it was very difficult to stay. We also explored some abandoned buildings that we found in the forest.


 I´m a freak of abandoned places (Urbex), so Estonia is kinda paradise for me in that aspect. 

Hargla and Võru

Another weekend, Artemis, Melina, Selma and me, we went to Vorû to visit our friends Katharina and Anna. But, firstly, we expend friday night in Hargla, because there was some kind of concert (And because Melina lives there). It was such a funny concert, even more when we realized that the «musicians» weren´t really playing their instruments. It was a fake concert, and that made it special. That concert also bring me the chance to listen an estonian version of the brazilian song Ai Se Eu Te Pego. The last time i heard that song was around 2012.

Early in the morning, we took the bus to Võru.

 DSC 9539 editada

It was a very cold and foggy morning in Hargla.

Võru it´s so nice, i really like it. It has a big lake, the beach, nice pubs, big Navitrolla paintings spread around the city (I really love Navitrolla paintings), and the most important thing of Vorû; its near the biggest mountain of Estonia and also of the Baltic States: Suur Munämagi, that means (The big mountain of the egg).

We couldn´t let pass the oportunity to reach the pick of the country, so we decided to do it.

When the bus was taking us near the mountain, it was so enormous that we couldn´t see the top. I though it was not going to be possible to reach the pick in one day, and less even for not experienced mountaineers like us. But we are young and crazy, so we started the adventure walking up the path. The hours were passing, and the path seemed to have not end. After many hours and kilometers, the path was interupted by a giant cliff. «We have to climb it» somebody said. We had no choice, because to reach the pick after the sunset, equals death. In an epic use of all our energies, we started to climb up like lizards in the walls. The best we could do it was not to look down, because it was too high. When we finally get to the top -all of us alive, fortunately- that was not the end yet. A hugh tower was waiting us to pay to reach it´s roof. We were there, finally, so we couldn´t say no to pay a bit. Once we were at the top o the tower that it´s at the top of the highest mountain in Estonia, Latvia and Lietuva, we were so hangry, so we went down to eat.

Sauron eye barad dur

This is the tower at the top of the Munämagi. (I didn´t took the picture) 

Then we came back to Võru, and went to a pub. After that, we were walking around the lake. There were three trees that, for some reason, we though there were two people. Afterwards, we played some games in our friend´s flat. Next morning, we came back to Tõrva.

20181021 015418

I made a drawing of the playing moment (it was a part of one of the games). They weren´t thinking about number 2, it is suposed to be the typical "zzzz", because we were so sleepy.

Kohtla Nõmme

To this trip, i went with Melina and the Estonian Defence League (That means a lot of adventurous kids). We visited the Estonian Mining Museum, did an orientation game in the forest, had an underground lunch, and we had a ride in a military truck over the artifical mountains. Such a funny trip.

cruzan el rio

 This "boat" was one of the funniest part of the orientation game.


This month i´ve been in Otepää twice. The first time it was with Tõrva Noortekeskus, to visit the Otepää Noortekeskus and to go bowling with the youngsters. The second time it was with Artemis and with her tutor. We visited some forests nearby. And the most important thing of that day was that IT WAS SNOWING!

For me it was such a big thing.

20181027 124022 editada

There wasn´t many snow, but was enough for me. Last time i saw the snow it was ages ago.

After enjoying the snow, we went to Valga to watch a Basketball match. Valga vs Pärnu. It was the first professional basketball match i´ve seen in my life, and even when i´m not very into basket, i liked the experience. Between the breaks they put music in the stadium. One of the songs it was Ai Se Eu Te Pego. Again.

When the match ends -Valga lost :(- we came back to Tõrva, where we had a «party» in Tõrva Radio, where we meet some locals. We had a nice evening with nice people and also with carob.


The month ended the 31 of October -Really?? What a surprise!- and that means that ended on Halloween (Like every year, actually). This year, we made a Halloween event for the kids in Ritsu Noortetuba. They really liked it :)

WhatsApp Image 2018 10 31 at 19.00.37

There was music, but Ai Se Eu Te Pego didn´t sounded. 

The last day of the month i also discovered that there is a climbing wall in the town, and that makes me happy. What else to say? I enjoyed this October.

Bueno, pues eso es todo, no sé. Creo que aquí tengo que poner un poco como un resumen de la que ya he escrito arriba, ¿no? Pues mira, he estado en una ciudad que hace frontera con otro país, también en una ciudad en la que hace frío y hay un lago grandote, no nos olvidemos de ese parque minero en la otra punta del país, y de un pueblo más cercano en el que hay todo tipo de instalaciones para deportes de invierno. A lo mejor se me olvida algo. Ahh sí, ya sé que se me olvida! Se me olvidaba hacer spam de mi Instagram, donde subo fotos y algunas historietas de cosas que me llaman la atención o me hacen gracia. Pues eso, mi INSTAGRAM es @gabrilost96

Poner la palabra INSTAGRAM así en mayúsculas, es un poco la misma técnica que usar un cartel más grande para anunciar tu producto. Pero no, no soy un producto.

Cabeza aega! 

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