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When I arrived back in Germany in the middle of March I assumed it would be for a short period of time only. But now it is already May and I am still here…

The last month or even the last few months have not at all been like I expected. Everything changes so fast because of Covid-19, I am not certain anymore what the next month will bring. 

Lots of sun, family time and voluntary tasks via the internet.

This was my april of 2020. I thought it would come completely different.. But in life you never know to 100% what exactly will happen the next weeks, days or months. Sometimes a virus surprices the population of the whole world.. 

I think March was dominated by one thing for most people: COVID-19. So probably everyone's a little tired of hearing about it, but well, this has also been the craziest thing that happened to me this month.

March also brought other things though:

It is already two weeks ago since I left South Estonia, very fast and surpricingly.

On a cosy and usual Monday morning in my flat in Valga I recognised that it is probably the best decision if I leave and go back to Austria, my home country.

I can’t quite believe it but half of my time in Estonia is already over.

In the beginning of our service we had to write a to-do list with 100 things on it. And despite the fact that I put some very easily achievable things, I still am far from reaching half of my goals. What does that mean? I will have a very busy and adventurous second half of my time here. I already have so much planned for the next months, I can’t wait for the sun to start shining again and with that my energy levels rising too . But too much talk about the future doesn’t help, so let’s talk about my last month. It has by far been the busiest month so far! 

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