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This month featured the tales of the travelling soap merchant (saippuakauppias), although I do not in fact sell soap.

But I did travel! Even if ever so slightly. And only within the confines of work. 

Enough of this delightful word salad of meaninglessness!

Big fluffy snowflakes are falling behind the window. I'm under a warm wool blanket, with the laptop and nice Christmas music from New York Jazz Trio-Christmas songs & Classics album-. And even though, technically, outside the window it’s already December and the real winter has finally come to Valga, I will write about an outwardly gray November, but full of color and warm memories and experiences.

November did not stand out either on long journeys nor new acquaintances. I spent most of my time in Valga, at the youth center, and somehow, it turned out that many friends came to visit me.

November – even though the weather was not always the best, the month itself was quite interesting.

From cooking clubs to crafting clubs, I had a month full of different activities. And one thing that I have to mention as well, which is already here since weeks, is my excitement for Sweden. In a few days I will see one of my best friends again – and this in the amazing city Stockholm. Well, but now about this month. 

October went by in a rush and yet it feels like a long time

Hi there! My name is Flora and I will spend my next 10 months (because one month is now already over) volunteering in Hargla. I basically just turned 18 before coming here from Germany, so in the final days before my flight I started to worry: was I actually prepared to live abroad for a year, learn a new language, live on my own and experience a new culture?

Time flies away!

My third month here in Estonia is already starting - unbelievable how fast the last two months went away. However, after those two months I can say: It is already my second home here in Estonia. I have good friedships and my work in the youth center is fabulous. So, life is great!

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