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Febuary, the month with the first real and actual snow here in Estonia, the month full of activities in the youth center, like a hiking trip and the month of spending time with some relatives and of course, like always, quality time with my volunteer friends!

It was an exciting time with lots of adventures, new experiences and news from my home country Austria!

All things must inevitably draw to a close.

Just as the day unflinchingly yields to the tranquillity of the night, so too has the eve of my service here finally come about. I say finally come about, but what I mean is that the past few months have raced past my eyes with speed so great that some may call it bewildering. And in many ways it has been. A person has to face uncertainty in their life quite often, but I would be lying if I said that I personally like uncertainty. I certainly don't, and yet mos of the great things to happen in my life have come across thanks to chance and uncertainty and blind leaps into the unknown. For it is only when falling at a frightening speed, with the clouds racing past you, that you can feel a fresh breeze.

It seems to be a thing that nothing good ever happens in January, which is why we should really just open the new year with February. Which isn't really entirely true. But it's also not entirely untrue...


So, January has obviously been an interesting combination of recovering from the New Years slump and watching the world around us go absolutely barking mental. And yes, before you ask, it was tricky to find a family friendly word to go before “mental”. Language sure is tricky.


The new year for me started back in Germany, with my friends and family. It was hard to say goodbye to everybody again, but I knew that in Estonia adventure was waiting for me, as it always does.

My plan for the new year - or new decade! - is to go out of my comfort zone (even) more. And I would say I did quite a good job already this month…

What a month! A year couldn’t start better!

I collected lots of different experiences and had many adventures, especially in my midterm meeting in the middle of nowhere. From experiencing the pure cold, even though we still don’t have snow, to some exhausting activities. This was all part of my january. But, to avoid confusion, let‘s start from the beginning.

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