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May was my last month of my European Solidarity Corps even though it was a bit different than I thought it would be.

I am already back in my home country Austria since the middle of march because, as you maybe know, the Corona virus ended my Voluntary Service in the South of Estonia a bit shorter than accepted. View months ago, I thought a goodbye and also a see you again is with lots of hugs, tears, - like in a movie ;)


Anyway, at this time it is different. But before I get much too emotional, I would like to tell you some interesting stories of my May. :) 

Every week I posted some nice crafting videos, sometimes sport and cooking videos, as well, on the chatting platform Discord, where the youngsters had the chance to communicate together during the times of the Corona Lockdown. Because of the fact that the emoji quiz was a success the last month, another one could not be missed this month. This time the youngsters had to guess the country that was depicted with some emojys. :) , - forest and deers for Estonia, of course. One thing that I already very miss of this incredible interesting country Estonia, the big forests, the silence and pur nature that is still there. Of course we have forests in Austria, as well, but the difference to Estonia is that they are much more populated than in Estonia. (obviously, the population of Estonia is a little less than in Austria) Anyway, let’s move on with the things that happened in May.

The planning of a big treasure hunt was also part of May. This treasure hunt is in the surroundings of Valga country, - so quite challenging I would say. I am not sure if I would find any of those treasures. But I guess the youngsters know Valga country a bit better than me, so everything should be found. ;)

And now I am already coming to the things related to my end of the voluntary service. I decided to make a poster and a goodbye video for the youngsters in the youth center. On the poster, I tried to put some of the nice memories with all the youngsters I got to know, in form of pictures and some words. Now it is time to say THANK YOU to all the youngsters I met in the youth center. With you, my voluntary service was more than just “work”. I had so much fun with all of you and always a good time. :) ÄITÄH!

Not only the youngsters, I have to thank you, also RASMUS who offered always perfect support in any time of the day! THANK YOU a lot for all the reflections and talks. I developed into a real adult. ;)

A THANK YOU also to my tutor ELINA. From the beginning on you were more like a friend than a boss. I want to thank you for all your understanding, support and lovely conversations and co-work we had! It was a pleasure for me to work with you!

I also want to send a big THANK YOU to all the other YOUTH WORKERS and TANKLA members! You are all amazing and inspiring people!

Last but not least I want to send a hugee THANK YOU to all the great volunteers, I met during my stay abroad! I had always an amazing time with all of you! You made my voluntary service a very special one and I cannot wait to see you again!! You have all found a place in my heart and I will never forget the wonderful moments that we had together! From the midterm training to travelling together or hanging out in Tallinn or other nice cities, I always enjoyed the times with you!! Thanks a lot for all the wonderfull moments we had together! 

Yeah, I guess this is the end of my last Blog. Quite strange that it is ending now but I will always keep all the experiences I made in Estonia and in all the other countries I was, in my mind and will never forget this incredible time of my life! I learned so many things during my stay abroad, firstly how to cook ;), but also how to care about myself, live on my own, and be independent. I gained a lot of experiences that made me to a person like I am today. I see the positive sides of things and am always ready to help and support, which is also a goal for my future job. But before that, I will start my studies (probably political science) in Vienna, however, it is never too late to help, support and take care of each other and our planet! 

I would like to end this Blog with some nice pictures and memories that I captured the last months during my youth center times. :) 

IMG 20190903 104617

Can you remember this first picture that was captured on the airport in Riga in the end of August?! Wow, such a long time ago! :) 

IMG 20191216 183947

What an amazing christmas time I had!! With lots of baking and christmas songs!

IMG 20200107 172111

The crafting club :)

IMG 20200227 150711

And a winter memorie, - the hiking trip through the woods of Estonia.. 




As always, some German words as well:

Wow, meine Reise endet Ende Mai. Obwohl ich bereits wieder zurück in Österreich bin, fühlt es sich jetzt schon so an, dass mein ESC entgültig endet. Die Erlebnisse und Erfahrungen die ich gemacht habe, bleiben mir jedoch immer in Erinnerung. Sowie all die soo inspirierenden Leute die ich kennenlernen durfte. Es war mir eine Freude und lots of HUGS and KISSES to all the people I met in Estonia! Wie ich jetzt enden soll, weiß ich eigentlich gar nicht.. Wichtig ist jedoch noch, mich bei meiner Familie in Österreich zu bedanken, die mich in jeder Situation unterstützt hat und immer Zeit für mich hatte! Ich danke euch herzlichst! Ein großer Dank geht auch an all meine österreichischen Freunde, die immer bereit für Telefonkoferenzen waren! DANKE! 


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