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October ended with winter. If only very briefly.

Snow made a brief appearance, and then true to form, it melted away with the rain that followed immediately after. Weather is a harsh mistress. Still, even as I write these very lines, the rain beats down on the landscape, uncovering who knows what.


On arrival training.Exactly this training is probably one of the coolest events that takes place in the first months of a volunteer's life abroad.

And although it has been three months since I arrived to Estonia, I can say that arrival training has probably become one of the highlights of my volunteer life. Spanish adventures are still in the first place and I very much doubt that another event, no matter how interesting and bright it might be, will  change the top-ranking of the Spanish adventures that I had in September. But it's not about September ...

September came and the summer is already over.

It’s time for yellow and orange colors, apples, warm clothes, even more rainy days than usual, and school children carrying backpacks almost as big as them, as they go to school in the morning  like hard job workers do... Autumn has come to Valga. 

This month has been one of activities at the center. From cooking on the weekends as part of a project to writing haikus, we have been doing all sorts of stuff.

The month started with the return to school, a somber event for the kids I'm sure, but at least they had an event to finish their summer off. We got to enjoy some musical numbers, including a popular (or so I'm told) Estonian rapper. The kids were undaunted by the massive deluge that plagued us, and were jumping alongside the rapper with glee. Not really my kind of music (hair too short), but everyone had a good time. Still, it was too bad that September was kicked off with something of an instant flood.

Forests, forests and again forests!

This was my first impression when I landed, at the end of August, in Riga. After an exiting flight, it was my first flight ever, Elina, Vallo and Volodimir picked me up from the airport and then my adventure started. I had emotional first days because I realised that Estonia will be my home for the next 11 months and I won’t see my family and friends from Austria for a year. There will be definitely ups and downs in the coming year but I am surrounded by nice and symphatic people, so what can go wrong? :)

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