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I always imagined the moment when I would write my last blog and what emotions I would have, I thought about how I should start and finally, let's do it

Even before the start of my volunteering, I looked at the blog of other volunteers, especially the last one, and thought, this is not waiting for me soon, everything is ahead, and that’s all, the end. The last two months have been filled with different emotions, from joy and fun, to sadness and tears. But first things first.

In February, I slowly began to prepare for my return home, bought a ticket, managed to feel sad, but I understood that when something ends, it gives way to something new. I continued to work at school, we prepared dances for the performance with Jandra and the children, and everything went very well. In parallel, there were rehearsals for our performance, which was scheduled for early March, we performed at the cultural center at a retro party. It was quite fun.

photo 2022 03 18 17 44 27

Then the time came for a new trip, this time my ultimate goal was Austria, or rather Vienna, where I planned to visit Vicki, but then there were 3 of us, because the German side also expressed a desire to join, so everything returned to the times when we slept all together in one room and hung out every evening. I can say that this trip once again showed me that my people are next to me and this thought gives me the strength to cope with everything now. We walked a lot, talked, went to the sauna and even did the unexpected. And already on the 19th in the morning we stood at the airport and said goodbye with sad faces. It was the best trip of my life. After arrival, the longest and most nervous road to Vana Vigala, to Henrique, was waiting for me, without jokes, if it weren’t for cool people, I would have stayed overnight on the street in some incomprehensible area😹

photo 2022 03 18 17 41 48photo 2022 03 18 17 41 51

Returning to the working week, we continued to actively rehearse with the women, everything was calm until the end of February came.

I think it’s no secret to anyone what is happening now in my country, I don’t really want to talk about this topic for a long time, the main thing for me is that part of my family and almost all my close friends have left, some are safe in Ukraine. I try to keep in touch with Matvey, so far he is in relative order. It all knocked me down very much, I can say that for me, like for most Ukrainians (by the way, I’m sure that not only for us), the morning now begins not with yoga or coffee, but with reading the news and calling relatives.

March was more passive, I stayed at home, called my family several times a day, even went to the Polish border with Heldor to pick up one Ukrainian family. This brought me to my senses a little and the understanding came that I needed to pull myself together, so I started looking for work and trying to figure out what to do next. And at the end, on March 17, I was supposed to have my last reflection with Jandra and Rasmus, but instead a surprise party with balloons and a cake was organized, I hung my name on the volunteer tree, received a YouthPass and started a new chapter of my life as a person working for TANKLA.

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Thanksgiving time

I will start with the person who made me a part of her family and who took care of me and helped me all this time.
Jandra -  my wonderful tutor, who was very understanding to me, gave me the opportunity to try something new, helped me become part of the community. Now I know that in Estonia I always have somewhere to go. I was very happy to work with such an amazing person.

Vici - my Austrian friend, who is always ready to help and listen to me. One of the best people in my life.

Xava - wonderful friend and neighbor who always cheers you up and gives you advice. Sometimes, of course, I want to hit you, but still I really appreciate you.

Henrique - special person in my life, you already know everything.

Rasmus - person who helped in all organizational and not only moments, always supported me.

TANKLA is the best host organization with great people.

And special thanks to all the residents of the Hargla community, who accepted me and always supported me in the same way. Wonderful people

Була неймовірно щаслива працювати саме тут❤

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