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Time flies away!

My third month here in Estonia is already starting - unbelievable how fast the last two months went away. However, after those two months I can say: It is already my second home here in Estonia. I have good friedships and my work in the youth center is fabulous. So, life is great!


From watching christimas movies, I have the feeling that whole Estonia is already in Christmas mood, to playing many different board games, my last month in the Youth center was very exciting.

In one of the first days in October I participated, as a volunteer, in an event called Student club, near Otepää, where youngsters had the chance to create their own new company and find a product which they can sell afterwards.

Between all those activities in the youth center, I made a trip with my mentor, Janar. We visited a sightseeing tower near Valga with an amazing few over autumn woods. At this time autumn was still here – now, after the first snow on Halloween, I have the feeling that winter is already knocking on the door or almost here. The days become shorter and shorter and it’s been a while since I saw the sun. But there are Vitamine D pills, so everything is fine ;)


Since the beginning of october, my crafting club takes place every week in Tõlliste Youth center. I have to say, the kids are very creative and they have good ideas what to do, so we always have a good time in the crafting room. Last time we made, of course, Halloween decoration.


In the overnight stay in Tõlliste Youth center we played my absolute favourite game „The bean game“ with the real name „Bohnanza“, if I can remember right. The night was quite long and the youngsters were full of energy. Just dance and junk food were of course also part of the night. And after this event my way did not go immidiately to Valga, instead I went to Viljandi, a very nice little city. I visited Caterina, a friend from my on arrival training, in Soomaa National park. This weekend I really learned to enjoy the moment and especially to live in the present because in such a beautiful nature, like the Soomaa Natioal park, you have no other choice than enjoying the pur nature. From lakes to big forests and high swings, this weekend gave me a lot of new and positive energy.

Soomaa national park

Moreover, in October I had the opportunity to work for two weeks in Hargla and Lüllemäe Youth Center. One interesting event, for instance, was the education fesitival in Paide. After a long bus drive, we finaly arrived in the nice city Paide and participated in different Workshops. Flora and I had a virtual sauna experience there which was very cool to be honest! I have to try it in real, as well! Hide and seek, different variations of the catching game, ... were the activities in Lüllemäe and the hiding places of the kids were also very interesting as you can see in the right corner in the picture. Very sportive week, right? ;)


One trip that will definitely be in my mind forever, was Helsinki. We had a wonderful time with expetionally nice weather! 


The taco evenings with other volunteers in Emilys flat, a volunteer from the US, were also very cosy and funny this month. I was surprised that here in Valga country are actually a lot of volunteers, from Hungary, France, Ukraine, ... And a trip to Võru followed...

In this month it was also my first time in the cool student city called Tartu. Me and some friends explored the city and we had a shopping tour through some shopping malls – quite exhausting I have to admit. But, with all those amazing people, I had a wonderful time in Tartu with lots of memorable moments.


The rainy and windy Pärnu was also part in October. With some Valga volunteers, we discovered the quite nice and cosy city. Despite wet clothes, we made the most of our trip and also with some crazy ideas like swimming in the sea but I have to say, this was too crazy for me plus too cold as well so instead, I decided to watch. :)


One thing I have to mention as well, even though it was already in the beginning of november. It is my trip to Tallinn Old Town. I instantly fell in love with this city and I have already plans to go there again. So many nice cafes, restaurants and fashion stores!


So, after this exciting month I feel very satisfied and happy with my current life and I am also looking forward what the next month will bring!

For my austrian readers:

Die Zeit vergeht wie im Fluge und bereits beginnt mein dritter Monat hier in Estland. Ich habe mich eingelebt und viele gute Bekanntschaften geschlossen. Die Arbeit im Jugendzentrum war abwechslungsreich und spannend. Student Club, Education festival, Übernachtungsparty im Jugendzentrum, Bastel Workshops und noch vieles mehr, war Teil des letzten Monates. Im Oktober hatte ich auch die Möglichkeit für zwei Wochen in andere Jugendzentren hinein zu schnuppern. Neben meiner Arbeit in den Jugendzentren reiste ich auch ziemlich viel herum. Von Helsinki bis Võru, Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, also quer durch das schöne Estland. Im Soomaa National Park bewunderte ich die bezaubernde Natur Estlands. Und das alles mit ganz netten und lieben Menschen. Mein Leben in Estland kann also nicht besser sein. Ich halte euch am Laufenden und bis zum nächsten Mal!

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