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WhatsApp_Image_2021-04-09_at_7.30.05_AM.jpegIt was a month of mixed cassette flavor because:

When I looked at it completely, it was a stable month. For Estonians, these rules are enough to think negatively and be hopeless even many countries have stricter quarantine rules than Estonia. This affected me a little bit negatively. Of course, however, I have brought some specific, noteworthy experiences for you. :)

Tõrva Kirik Kommersal (Tõrva Church Chamber Hall): We visited Tõrva Concert Hall with volunteer Matvey from Valga to examine Estonian culture and history closely. Ilmar Kõverik, the director of this concert hall, and his wife talked about what happened here. Estonia is the most faithless society. It was used as a storage area for vegetables and other inventory until 1987, after the end of World War II. After the collapse of the USSR, the church became the property of the Lutheran Church and was used as a cultural resource. It is an interesting place with its interior design that resembles a labyrinth, and the items that are put around and catch an interesting harmony. Take your camera, knock on the door. Dear Ilmar will kindly invite you inside.

Emakeelepäev (Mother Language Day): March 14 was the Estonian country's Mother Language Day. I wanted to create a special content for today. My aim was to show the respect I have to Estonians for their Mother Tongue by speaking their mother tongue. You can reach the full video on the YouTube channel of Tõrva Open Youth Center.

Tõrva vabaõhukeskuse logoideed (Logo Ideas for Tõrva Open Youth Center): My colleague Margit organized an emblem competition for the Tõrva Open Youth Center. I also suggested 2 different designs. Holding hands symbolizes the unity and integrity of the youth. The yellow color (gathering around the sun) symbolizes energy - gathering around the main source of energy. Blue is the number 1 popular color in Estonia. White symbolizes purity, green symbolizes nature. I hope one of my emblems will be chosen. May the luck be with me! (Not :D)

                      IMG_20210310_143443.jpg                WhatsApp_Image_2021-04-03_at_10.07.45_AM.jpeg

Kokaklubi (Cook Club): Tõrva Open Youth Center hosts a live food event every Friday. I decided to do “Lahmacun” in this event. Frankly, I have never done it before, and it was a strong reason to do this when I also missed the taste of Turkish cuisine. : Mylene, a volunteer from Valga, she helped me during cooking. I leave the photos below. I'm not saying I did it, but it was as tasty as eating your fingers. If you want the recipe, you can reach me at "".

                      IMG_20210326_190624.jpg      1.PNG

Soontaga Matkarada (Soontaga Hiking Trail): Estonia fascinates me with its perfect nature every day. I can live without sea, but never without forest-mountain-nature… Soontaga Matkarada is a wonderful nature activity place within the body of RMK. You can hike, camp, barbecue, there is a wonderful river where you can fish. It is also an unmissable piece of nature for nature photographers. I say you should definitely browse and see.

           WhatsApp_Image_2021-03-30_at_9.50.22_AM.jpeg     WhatsApp_Image_2021-04-09_at_7.55.57_PM.jpeg

Karski Loss (Karski Castle): It is one of the few specific places I visited with my Eston friend. The entrance to the castle still exists. There is a church with a slightly crooked minaret inside the castle. The stone architecture of the church was impressive. Also, if you walk 100 meters forward, you will notice that you are at a height that can be considered as a "mountain" for Estonia. Enjoy the winding lake views at that point. :)

                      WhatsApp_Image_2021-03-29_at_9.58.40_PM.jpeg             WhatsApp_Image_2021-04-09_at_7.46.43_PM.jpeg

Kultuuriline mitmekesisus on tõeline jõukas 🇹🇷 🇮🇷 🇪🇪 (The cultural diversity is really wealthy 🇮🇷 🇪): Now you are really wealthy! Dilara, who I like from Tartu like my sister, Maryam who is a student in Tartu University and Maryam’s friend Sahra, they came to Tõrva. They were very welcome.. Barış prepared another birthday surprise from miles away. :D It was the tastiest birthday cake I have ever eaten. I had previously made a traditional potato and cheese patty for my friends. We ate it with salad and salted buttermilk. It was a lot of fun when we talked about Iranian, Turkish and Estonian culture. They brought energy to my home. Golden Girls!!

                      WhatsApp_Image_2021-04-03_at_9.30.00_AM.jpeg                   WhatsApp_Image_2021-04-03_at_9.28.26_AM.jpeg

These weeks I paint the picture I draw on the wall in the Ritsu youth room. It takes most of my day. Giia orders new kitchen furniture The youth room is getting more and more pleasant. I hope it ends soon and I share the final version with you. I am also interested in making masks, necklaces, brooches and magnets from materials. Giia supports us in this regard and offers the opportunity to use the necessary materials. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me. I'm ready to share what I've experienced.

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