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Actually, this separation made me feel more than a month.. I miss the times when WhatsApp_Image_2021-08-11_at_9.26.17_AM_1.jpegI spent time with my dear Estonian family, hiking in the magnificent Harmaa Karjaar forest, lying in the sun for hours in the Riiska lake..  Tõrva has such an energy that my friend who even came to visit from the island of Muhu was surprised :)

Sangaste Camp: Tankla organization organized a 3-day camp targeting youth and children. We were there as volunteers of the same organization. Youth took part in variety workshops. I took part in the crafting workshop. Actually, it was not a mission, it was a big pleasure for me. We were having fun with the same children at the Defense League events during the winter. We played games and talked a lot :D I am surprised that some of them speak English quite well.

But in the middle of the camp, a heavy storm, a thunderstorm began. Unfortunately, some tents were filled with water, but the Tankla team acted quickly to clean the tents, calm the children, and as volunteers we intervened in the tents and children in need of help. Maybe that moment was a terrible moment for the children, but we had already forgotten the next few days. Storms left us a lot of topics to talk about. Children and teenagers drew pictures to reflect how this camp made them feel (many of them drew lightning and rain, but you should have seen it. Imagination is an amazing fact).

sangaste_2.jpeg      sangaste1.jpeg      sangaste5.jpeg

Kallaste Working Camp: I attended a 2-week working camp where the Tankla organization aimed to help young people aged 14-18 work and earn money. Vallo and Tiina, youth workers, accompanied us. We worked in the cottage area of ​​Tiina. The male youngsters built a ladder on the slope leading to the lake. The girls cleared the bushes in the garden. I made a garden for Tiina where she could grow vegetables. We prepared various decorations with the girls. I also drew a tiny garden of paradise on the door. 

You should know this! I am now a bot driver!! I can't forget how I flew over Ahi Lake at super speed on an inflated boat. The more I screamed, the more adrenaline I felt :D You can also call me as an ATV driver!

I did not hesitate to try various materials and tools within the scope of security measures. It is exciting to discover your own reactions to what is different :) That's exactly how to live like a human. There is no limit to learning, experiencing and teaching ❤️

kallaste1.jpg       kallaste3.jpg       kallaste4.jpg   

Hoovifestival: On July 24, going to Tõrva exactly in the middle of the working camp was like breathing :D Wanakas (beach cafe) came to sell, it was a surprise for me to see Tõrva Radyo there. So to speak, the Tõrva Radio team made a talk show. Kertu designed magnets and brooches with children and young people. Really creative things came out :) 

Another nice thing about this festival for me is that a large group of young people came and played in the escape room. They played various board games and wanted to make brooches with us. These young people were usually 14-15 years old. All are Estonian girls, but they live in different countries due to their families' professions, and they decided to participate in our festival through the camp. We had a nice conversation with them, it was a really enjoyable group :)) You can easily get our energy from the photo below :)) I mean, it is not natural for young people to behave badly after a point, environment/family or psychological factors may be triggering it. I analyze this because I also spend time with healthy and pleasant young people, the difference is quite clear :) I hope Estonian youth can be more dynamic and productive in the future.

hoovi1.jpg   hoovi2.jpg    hoovi3.jpg

Tõrva Sweet Home ❤️ My departure is near. Before coming here, I did research about Estonia, I prepared myself with the information I got from the internet and came here. During 9 months, my ideas about Estonia, are changed in different ways. I communicated with locals of all ages whenever I had the opportunity so that I could naturally understand this society.

What hasn't changed is that I feel local in Tõrva, feel at home, and enjoy spending time with my Estonian family. I think if Rasmus gave me the chance to choose again, I would say Tõrva Tõrva LOL

family1.jpeg   WhatsApp_Image_2021-08-11_at_7.50.45_PM.jpeg

Unfortunately, the news of the fire from Turkey caused great sadness. Especially on the Mediterranean coast, the fire in the city of Antalya destroyed the huge forest land and animals. The fires in Greece also caused the Mediterranean to overheat. I mean, this and similar disasters should be treated as WORLD DISASTERS outside the borders of race/religion//nationality. Whoever has the equipment, who can help, we should help each other. The world is ours. The European Union's awareness of climate change and the environment, which has targeted the young generation in particular, by creating a big voice since 2019, by helping Turkey, has made us believe that we can protect our nature, even a little bit.

First Turkish Traditional Art Exhibition Marbling: In Tartu, volunteer friend Dilara organized an art of marbling exhibition. There are marbling paintings of her patients (working with people with disabilities) and her own marbling paintings in the exhibition. On this occasion, I visited various museums in Tartu and came back with wonderful photographs. Now you know the basic address of these photos ;)

 WhatsApp_Image_2021-08-11_at_7.55.58_PM_3.jpeg    WhatsApp_Image_2021-08-11_at_7.55.58_PM.jpeg   WhatsApp_Image_2021-08-11_at_7.55.58_PM_2.jpeg                

I couldn't write about my few more trips. I don't want to go over the two-page limit. We did the Parnu tour actually family visit with my Estonian family. It was quite enjoyable. Estonians really know a lot about garden design. Thanks to them, my muses follow me ❤️

Fırsat bulduğum anlarda günlük de yazıyorum, resim de çiziyorum. Buna rağmen blog yazımı bir türlü kısa kesemiyorum. Buraya kadar okuduğunuz için teşekkürler arkadaşlar :) Gerçekten deneyimlediğim ve paylaşmak istediğim farklı konularda o kadar önemli detaylar var ki, öğrendiklerimi paylaşmak için sabırsızlanıyorum. Artık bu yüzyılda çoklu becerileri birbirine entegre edebilmek ve kullanışlı hale getirebilmek önemli. Bu proje de onu sağladı bir noktada.. 

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