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Projekti „Aktiivne noorsootöö Valgamaal“ toetab SA Archimedese noorteagentuur Erasmus+ programmist.



ESC long term project in Valga county (Valgamaa), Estonia. Activities of youth work in 6 different youth centres around Valga county: Valga, Tõrva, Karula, Taheva, Tõlliste and Ritsu. In addition - one activity is in the kindergarten/school (Gaia class) in Hargla.

Number of vacancies: 7

Valga Open Youth Centre – 9 months
Tõrva Open Youth Centre – 9 months
Karula Open Youth Centre – 9 months
Taheva Open Youth Centre – 9 months
Tõlliste Open Youth Centre – 9 months
Hargla School Kindergarten and Hargla School Gaia class – 8 months
Ritsu Youthroom – 9 months

Find more information on the service and living places HERE!

Main activities for volunteers

  • Mainly spending time and interacting with the youngsters
  • Board Games and console gaming
  • Crafting and cooking with the youngsters
  • Supporting youngsters in developing, planning, and realizing their ideas for ex. an event
  • Creating posters and ads
  • Helping with preparations for everyday activities and events
  • Supporting in overseeing everyday activities and events
  • Creating and leading their own projects, events, and activities
  • ESC mini project
  • Introducing their own culture and language
  • Planning and running different workshops with the support of their tutor
  • Participating in youth camps, including partner-organization camps (for ex. Estonian Defence League) on an organizing/supporting level
  • Participating in various local culture events and community projects
  • Getting to know the Estonian culture through language learning, participating in cultural traditions and events
  • Introducing volunteer-work in different youth centres, schools and kindergartens in Valga county
  • Collaborative work with schools, kindergartens, other youth centres, community collectives and organizations
  • Participating in work meetings and team events
  • Promoting youth work and its activities
  • Creating content for Facebook page/home page
  • Promotional activities, posts and writing on Tankla homepage and local media
  • Writing a regular blog for Tankla homepage
  • Additional tasks specific to volunteer role in Hargla School and Kindergarten:
    • Working with children and supporting them in relation to schoolwork
    • Supporting the teachers
    • Supporting everyday activities of classes and kindergarten
    • Preparing classes and themed events
    • Preparing outside activities
    • Preparing and organizing “gamehours

Check the blogs of our previous/other volunteers HERE!

Are you interested in participating?

An ESC volunteer should be in the ages between 18-30 and prepared to participate for 8-10 months in their assigned workplace.

We don’t expect our volunteers to already have well-developed skills and knowledge relating to working with youngsters and children. Rather we are looking for volunteers who have an interest in working with youngsters and are excited to gain new skills and knowledge not only on their own but more importantly as part of a team.

We welcome cultural diversity, as it will be beneficial in broadening the capabilities and knowledge of any team the volunteer is part of. Also, it will create a good ground to sow and grow new and fresh ideas, plans and projects.

We expect our volunteers to be open communicators, have friendly and tactful manners. They should be ready to be flexible about working hours and assignments since the work management in our offered positions is quite varied.

In the youth centres the work is often mobile – collaborative events, meetings and training can happen all over the country. The working hours are quite open as well – in addition to the regular “opening hours” of the youth centres, some of the tasks, preparations and events happen outside of those hours or even on weekends.

The work management in kindergarten and Gaia class is organised according to the lesson plan (usually starting in the morning and finishing by 5 in the afternoon), but there is a lot of opportunity for flexibility and diversity during the hours – different styles of workshops, trips, hikes etc. Most work days will be from Monday to Friday

How to apply

We have one overall application HERE for every position offered.

Every application will be reviewed and discussed with the team, including possible tutors and with most suitable applicants a video-interview will be held over Skype, Zoom or MS Teams, before final decisions. Your location of voluntary service will be offered based on your application and interview.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us via See e-posti aadress on spämmirobotite eest kaitstud. Selle nägemiseks peab su veebilehitsejas olema JavaSkript sisse lülitatud.

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