EVS longterm project in Estonia, Valga county (Valgamaa). Activities on youthwork in youth centres and on media topic in Valga county.

Number of vacancies: 2 (they are working in different youth centres – Helme parish youth room and Taheva parish youth centre, but the media topic is together – Valga county youth work center Tankla).

11 months, starting September 2017.

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Main activities

  • making different workshops in chosen areas
  • lead the work of youth groups
  • helping to organize events
  • participating in various local culture events and projects
  • helping youngsters to realize their ideas.
  • promote youth centre and its activities.
  • most of the time he/she would be involved with youngsters to help them spend their spare time
  • introduce his/her own culture and language
  • involving in camps
  • participate in youth work meetings
  • introduce voluntary work in county youth centres
  • to be a mentor to youth paper and TV youngsters
  • write articles to newspaper/ keep a blog
  • to plan motivation trips for county youth workers and young people

The coordinating and hosting organization NGO Valga county youth work center Tankla

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The aim of the organisation is to develop and support through an umbrella youth work center different parties of youth work and their activities in order to guarantee the representation of the interests of youth workers and young people in all 13 municipalities of Valga county and at county level as well.

Literally Tankla (meaning in English: gas station) is a place where a young person and a youth worker of Valga county can get fuel so that they would feel good about living in their home village, parish or town and doing things related to youth work. Tankla offers them support, knowledge, experience and cooperation with other parties of the network.

The main motivation of Valga County Youth Work Center Tankla to participate in European Voluntary Service as Sending, Hosting and Coordinating organisation is to support the development of youth work field in Valga County in general and in a coordinated way.

The organization of Tankla is led by three members in the board, who all have different backgrounds and years’ worth of experience working with the youth. The organization has several branches – volunteer passport, youth paper, summer school, Tankla TV, student workscamps, training centre (camp counsellor, camp leader and topics which are related with media) coordinating the Tugila (support centre) work of counties and the networking of counties youth work. We cooperate with youth workers of the county, others who are related with the youth and with different organizations (Valga County Government, the Pathfinder centre of Valga County, Estonian Defence League).


There are 13 youth centres in Valga county, three of which are located in small towns (population of 2 000 to 13 000) and 10 rural municipalities (population of 400 to 2 000), where the youth centres are serving youngsters throughout the municipality, but are located permantetly in one village. Valga county countryside areas are sparsely located and diffusely established and the youth centres are located in major villages (population of 100 to 450). Because in most Valga county areas the population is little and thin, then youth centres are cooperating a lot with neighboring municipalities youth centres and with various institutions in the municipality (schools, libraries, cultural centers), to organize higer sized events and activities with the cooperation so to involve plenty more young people and a larger number from the community.

Including into Tankla network the Valga county youth centres are operating on the principle of open youth work. Youth work is a creation of conditions for promoting the diverse development of young people which enables them to be active outside their families, formal education acquired within the adult education system, and work on the basis of their free will.


Helme parish youth room

Web: facebook.com/helmenoortekeskus

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Taheva parish youth centre

Web: facebook.com/Taheva-valla-noored

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Are you interested?

Volunteer should be aged between 18 and 30 years and to be available for an 11 months long EVS stage.

When hosting a foreign volunteer, it is good to have an interest in youth work, working with the young and media, although, it is not an expectancy to have these skills and knowledge. It is important to have the desire of utilising your knowledge and skills and passing them down to the local youth.

We are expecting an open communicator and a friendly person, who is ready to be flexible about his/her working hours and assignments. The work management in youth centre is very varied – mobility along the county which is made of collaboration meetings and trainings, the working hours of the centre (in addition to working on weekdays it is common to have to work on weekends as well).

Cultural differences are not decisive, they are rather beneficial in terms of global development – we accept everyone who is suitable.

We will go through and discuss every single application as a team and will make Skype calls.

How to apply?

Interested? Send a form to the coordinating organization Valga county youth work center Tankla:

Ülla Tamm See e-posti aadress on spämmirobotite eest kaitstud. Selle nägemiseks peab su veebilehitsejas olema JavaSkript sisse lülitatud. or Rasmus Onkel See e-posti aadress on spämmirobotite eest kaitstud. Selle nägemiseks peab su veebilehitsejas olema JavaSkript sisse lülitatud.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Web: tankla.net
Facebook: facebook.com/tankla

Application form

Application form Tankla (doc)

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